Atlanta, Georgia, United States

RnB Experience | Wed June 26th | Whiskey Mistress

The Biggest and Best Greek Picnic in the Country.



The R&B Experience, hosted at Whiskey Mistress, at the Atlanta Greek Picnic is a highlight for alumni from historically Black fraternities and sororities. This event celebrates their culture with live R&B performances that mix classic and contemporary tunes, creating a soulful and nostalgic vibe. It's not just a concert; it's a chance to network, reconnect, and enjoy the festive atmosphere in style. Part of a broader celebration of Greek life and African American culture, this event offers a unique blend of music, community, and cultural pride. 21+ only

Whiskey Mistress

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Whiskey Mistress

RnB Experience | Wed June 26th | Whiskey Mistress

United States June 26 2024 1 day

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